Our School

Atelier Kids is a new, innovative Miami children’s school designed intentionally, inside and out, so that children feel happy, comfortable and safe.  

We believe that children need to be loved and respected above all. With that in mind, we have designed a unique, progressive and holistic educational approach to early childhood education for our community in Miami. 

At our school children are encouraged to discover on their own and follow their interests and passions. They will learn through play, art and direct contact with nature, in a warm and peaceful atmosphere.

Our program combines the best of the three main child centered education philosophies: Reggio Emilia daily activities; Montessori materials and Waldorf nature connection.

We would love to have you as a part of our Atelier Kids family and embark on this journey together

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Our Values

We believe in education designed to nurture children with a holistic approach, taking into account that every child is unique and has a natural inclination for learning and exploring within a prepared environment in the classroom as well as in nature. We believe in nurturing the children’s innate curiosity and his desire to express himself in a safe and playful setting.

Our school has been envisioned to promote self-esteem, teamwork, a strong sense of community and responsibility with the Earth.

Our Mission

atelier kids, Atelier Kids Miami

Our Approach

Learning happens when children feel passionate, motivated, respected and loved. We believe that every aspect of a human being needs to be nurtured: intellect, physical body, emotions and spirit. In connection with these four dimensions, our emergent curriculum is inspired by three of the main child-centered educational approaches:

Montessori, which promotes self-confidence by offering a well-prepared environment where children are free to move and explore materials with the teacher as a guide and observer. Our Montessori inspired classrooms are divided into five different areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math and Culture. Following Maria Montessori’s method, we will go from the concrete to the abstract, letting the child explore what interests him to learn during what she calls “the sensitive periods”.

Reggio Emilia, where teachers provide visual documentation of the children’s ideas, hypotheses and theories and use these observations to plan activities and projects. The learning process will occur through “provocations”, using natural materials as well as mirrors, light boxes and projectors. Our school has The Atelier- a Reggio trademark- a room to create art and discover new and unexpected paths to learning.

Waldorf, which emphasizes the nature connection through observing the rhythms of life. This reveals our kinship with all living things and encourage the children to learn from the natural world. This educational approach also gives a special place to fantasy and free play. Our school provides plenty of outdoor space, where children will be able to create and express themselves. Storytelling, oral expression and crafts with natural materials are encouraged.

atelier kids, Atelier Kids Miami

Mariana Gallardo

atelier kids, Atelier Kids Miami

Angela Murcia
Pedagogical Coordinator

Angela Murcia was born and raised in Colombia and moved to the United States where she obtains a degree in Psychology. She has worked in the education system for the past sixteen years where she has had the opportunity to grow professionally and personally through building relationships and learning experiences with children, parents, teachers, community leaders, and other professionals from other cities and the world. She is very passionate about children, their development, and the different ways in which they interact, think, and learn. In 2007 She began to study and learn about the Reggio Emilia philosophy and pedagogy by joining L’Atelier School’s educational project as a faculty member. Throughout her professional journey as a teacher at L’Atelier School for the past thirteen years, she has had the opportunity to work with different age groups from infants to Kindergarten and Elementary school age in various projects, as well as to attend multiple professional development initiatives in different context of the United States, participating and organizing conferences and consulting schools in the community.  Angela considers that having the opportunity to combine two of her main interest, psychology and pedagogy for all these years gave her many layers of learning and understanding, and has been a privilege and a very enriching experience that shapes who she is today and what she can offer as a professional to her team. Her wish is to transmit her knowledge, her values, and her strong desire to continue to research and learn as a community to better understand childhood and to advocate for children’s rights. Her role at Atelier Kids as a pedagogical coordinator is to mentor the faculty and work closely with children and parents in the construction and understanding of an educational project that wants to offer children the possibility of reaching their fullest potential while learning in a harmonious and holistic way.

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